Communication Matters

Voice, body and face — they all talk!

We think of talking as our most important form of communication, yet a huge amount of what we ‘say’ is non-verbal, such as body language and facial expression.

It is important to get the delivery of your message right, first time. Once you look the part, then you need to understand and manage what your body is saying.


NB Personal Branding Matters offers several communications modules. Choose one or more modules to best suit your needs.


  • The effective delivery of non-verbal, verbal and written communication.
  • The conscious management and understanding of body language and facial expression.
  • Mastery of verbal and written communication.
  • Telephone skills for those needing to increase their effectiveness at navigating non-visual communication. Learn telephone etiquette, strategies for successful calls, what to say and how to say it.
  • Extended DISC Communication Training to bridge the gap between sub-conscious and conscious communication.
  • Strategic tips for successful relationship building.
  • The assets and liabilities of technology.

We may also suggest:

  • A session with a neuro-science expert to help you ‘reprogram’ any thoughts and non-verbal communication that may be sabotaging your success.
  • Vocal coaching with a professional voice expert to increase the effectiveness of your communication.

Extended DISC Profile – Communication Training

This training helps you to discover your own natural behavioural and communication style. You will learn how to communicate with others more successfully by using this effective tool, which can improve networking skills, business communications and relationships.

The Extended DISC System is a set of integrated tools for enhancing individual, team, and business performance. Extended DISC is the fastest growing assessment system in the world. It is available in 50 languages and is used in as many countries by some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations.

Its success is based on its ability to provide information to make better decisions — information that you did not know about yourself.

Options available are Personal Analysis, Work Pair Analysis, Team Analysis, Team Alignment, Leadership and Organisational Culture Surveys.

Extended DISC training can be delivered as a one-on-one consultation or as a workshop for small groups of professional teams.


Presenting With Confidence and Influence – Coaching Program

Regardless of the size of the group you are speaking to, learn the skills to prepare and deliver your message that will allow you to be confident, effective and enjoy the experience. This one-on-one coaching program will give you the awareness, skills and resources to deliver your message successfully and with greater confidence.

It is not about where you stand, the intonation you use or even imagining your audience naked. Successful and engaging presentations are about managing energy, controlling the things you can and being flexible and adaptable for the things you can’t. Before you have even opened your mouth you have delivered a message. Learn the visual and non-verbal aspects to manage and take control of the first few seconds – On the inside and on the outside.

By bringing your unique authentic self to the presentation you will not only deliver a great performance but differentiate yourself from the crowd and add value to your Personal Brand. Define who you are and how you can best use that to your advantage in your presentations.

The program is divided into three modules:

  1. Foundation – Preparing yourself. Gathering your assets and confidence.
  2. Preparation – Planning your message and delivery. Successful content construction.
  3. Delivery – Communication, energy management and adaptability.

Discover the:

  • 6 Core proficiencies of a presenter
  • talents and experiences you can bring into your delivery
  • ability to be authentic yet adaptable regardless of the audience
  • techniques that will prevent nervous tension from sabotaging your delivery – permanently
  • wardrobe and grooming strategies that complement your message and when to employ them
  • modes of engagement and to know when and how to use them
  • resources that will help you gain greater mastery of your delivery and content.

Delivered as a tailored 6-8 session coaching program. For more information and to discuss your needs, call 1300 139 500.


“The delivery and content was right on target for me.  I have a better understanding of myself and how to manage nervousness. I have greater clarity in preparing and delivering presentations.”                           Alf Magnano.  Partner, Accounting Firm.