Manners Matter

Learn the manners that are respected in society and business world-wide

Protocol and etiquette is no longer taught in secondary or business schools today! However, the skills are still necessary for moving comfortably, and effectively, in business circles, so we offer a thorough course in protocol and etiquette.


Don’t buy the lie that manners no longer matter. Protocol and etiquette provide guidelines to follow with people we don’t know well, so that we can interact and build positive relationships quickly without offending. They smooth the way to building rapport and developing great relationships.

We also offer an optional dining session conducted at a restaurant, where a meal and beverages will be served and eating and drinking etiquette practised as part of the learning experience. A wine master is available if more extensive coaching is required.

The topics covered include:

  • Invitations.
  • Location for friendly conversation.
  • The table and its tools.
  • The business lunch.
  • Table and wine manners.
  • Meeting and greeting.
  • Who pays?
  • Tipping.
  • International etiquette.
  • Perfect parking.
  • Understanding different cultures.

As part of protocol and etiquette, we can also look at introductions, the handshake, body language, conducting meetings, effective networking, and social versus business distinctions.

These sessions are best done in groups because the interaction of all participants contributes to the learning experience. This is a safe environment in which to learn and practise new social skills.

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