Grooming Matters

Good grooming emphasises the quality of your visual image 

Having the right clothes in the right colours and combination makes up only part of the image you want to present. Your grooming — hairstyle, hair colour, makeup, the type and quality of personal products you use, how you smell, the parts of your body you accentuate or camouflage — is the other crucial component in your visual presentation.


Our grooming analysis and advisory service, which is covered to varying depths in our professional packages, will show you the styles, colours, products and strategies that will work best for your needs and goals.



The topics covered include:

  • Your body — managing issues and how to care for yourself effectively.
  • Your hair — determining the right style, colour and care routine for you.
  • Your hands — skin and nail care techniques.
  • Breath and body odour — become aware of the causes and manage them effectively.
  • Grooming products — appropriate use, types, and effective techniques.
  • Business grooming strategy — develop a routine that is effective yet quick and low maintenance.
  • You are what you eat and drink — everything has an effect.
  • Wellness — your investment in physical and mental health strategies.

For women, a review of your makeup collection and a makeup application tutorial are available to help you update your products and skills so that you can consistently present a contemporary and confident image. All demonstrated cosmetics used are available for purchase.
We can provide support and guidance for that new haircut and colour, changing grooming products, cosmetic procedures and wellness strategies.

As an optional extra to any professional package , We can organise a transformational makeover . This includes a new hairstyle, professional grooming (including makeup), and wardrobe presentation advice. The session is photographed for both before and after shots. The transformational makeover is a powerful exercise.