Wardrobe Matters

A great visual image increases self-esteem and confidence

When you know you look great, you walk, talk and think differently. Your improved appearance and renewed confidence will make others see you in a new, positive light, which will help to attract new and exciting opportunities and relationships.

Businessman with concept toolkit

NB Personal Branding Matters helps its clients to develop a wardrobe that works for all aspects of their life and matches their external image with their personal and professional goals.

Learn the techniques and employ the right tools…

Our wardrobe audit and strategy session(s) will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever.

It will:

  • Stop you wasting money on clothes you rarely wear.
  • Eliminate guesswork when shopping.
  • Make shopping quicker and less stressful.
  • Make the daily visit to your wardrobe inspirational instead of frustrating.
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Have others commenting on the positive change in your appearance.

I’ve had compliments about how much more elegant my work wardrobe is,
It’s been good to have more confidence when I’ve been shopping as well. I had a family wedding to buy an outfit for and it was probably the most straight forward shopping that I have done. Since I had the colours in my head, I refreshed my style knowledge with the book and was able to get in and out of the shops in about an hour without feeling stressed and upset by the experience, which was fantastic.”
  Rebecca Jardine, Frankston, Victoria.

“Thank you – I had a ball and learnt a great deal. My wardrobe looks significantly lighter and more organised!!!”    Janice, Docklands VIC.

“Nicola, thank you for the difference you have made by going through my wardrobe with me. The process itself brought clarity and certainty into my clothing decisions which in turn makes me apreciate my own approach and intentions. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘playing’ with my own wardrobe and feel really clear about the pieces I need for sprucing up the discoveries made yesterday. I have always wanted to have this certainty around my presentation which will affect every day. Thank you Nicola. You were kind, patient, talented and very capable as my personal branding consultant.  I recommend you to anyone wanting to give themselves and their world a new lease of ‘going forward’.    AnnieD  xx”

Your Style Portfolio Workout

For our professional packages of four hours or more, your image consultant will compile a personalised Style Portfolio Profile. This  tool is provided to you with extensive information about every item you place on your body, from underwear to coats, swimwear to evening attire, business wear to weekend casual, eyewear to hairstyles, and shoes to accessories.

The Style Portfolio takes into account everything about you: height, age, weight, problem areas, vertical body type, horizontal body type, scale, face shape, shoulders, neck length and more. All the information is then combined to give you a clear picture of your needs.

Your image advisor will take you through each aspect of your Style Portfolio and explain how to get the most out of the wealth of information now available to you. We will also ‘go shopping’ in your own wardrobe to help you learn what to look for and what gaps your shopping list needs to fill.

You can set up the Style Portfolio online yourself, but this is an added consultation service to help you get more out of the information. We offer both a one-on-one Style consultation and an e-Portfolio that can be set up by you online. We are willing to offer a package that suits your needs.

Learn about ‘strategic dressing’


‘Strategic dressing’ means that whatever your intentions, there will be a way of presenting yourself that will positively support your goals. Don’t let fashion, political correctness or your upbringing influence your presentation; take control and create a lasting positive image that supports you personally and professionally. Strategic dressing will be covered according to your needs and the time available.


Wardrobe Strategy elements

We offer six modules in wardrobe strategies that can be incorporated into your personalised program:

  1. Know Yourself. This covers the basics of a good wardrobe and includes assessing your body type, deciding your style, choosing patterns, fabrics and styles to suit your shape and proportions, the messages of clothing, dressing with confidence, and more.
  2. Basic Business Styles. This includes clothing for moving on, wearing the corporate ‘uniform’, dressing to your budget, and more.
  3. Business Casual. This covers the ‘casual confusion syndrome’, the three levels of business casual attire, empowering business casual essentials, how to select the appropriate business casual level, and more.
  4. Image Objects and Accessories. This includes choosing shoes, glasses, handbags, watches and briefcases, choosing the right accessories, customised personal shopping, and wardrobe care.
  5. Looking the Part — Women. This covers wardrobe development for Personal Branding or presenting with influence in a male business environment; an inventory, what you need, key bridge pieces, capsule wardrobe, business casual wardrobe charts, and shopping tips.
  6. Travel. This considers important regional variations in successful dressing, choosing the perfect clothes for business travel, travel packing and garment care, and more.