Corporate Services

Increase the power and persuasiveness of your most important asset – Your People!

Does your organisation need to:

  • Change or improve the image and style of its executives?
  • Increase the personal and influencing power of its executives?
  • Offer a unique professional development opportunity to up-and-coming executives?
  • Support female leaders to succeed at the top?
  • Ensure that the image presented by the leadership team is aligned to the business image?
  • Sharpen the presentation of the sales, admin or field team?
  • Have staff better represent the business in their visual presentation?
  • Make powerful and positive first impressions with its customers and prospects?
  • Add some creative sessions to the in-house professional development programs?

“Nicola had the audience completely enraptured throughout the session and successfully made the session both educational and interactive. We have received excellent feedback from the event. There was a broad audience spanning HR and Procurement to Product line managers specifically within the Banking and Finance Services sector. We intend to work with Nicola Barnard on similar events in the future.” Kavita Herbert, National Client Services Manager, Banking & Finance Services, Hudson Global Resources (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Nicola Barnard works with leaders in large organisations individually or as part of an in-house professional development program to recreate or refresh their personal image or brand.

Corporate Dress Code Policy = Brand Risk Policy

A professional dress code for staff is an important part of your organisation’s brand presence with customers. We can help you to refresh and update your existing policy or help you to develop and implement your first policy.

We can then ensure that staff understand what the policy means in the practical terms of everyday dressing for work. We can also help define and explain what is acceptable on ‘casual dress’ work days so that organisation’s image does not suffer.

Call us to discuss your organisation’s individual needs.

Workplace Professional Development Programs

As part of a Corporate professional development program, we can provide a combination of:

Delivery Options…

Collaborative Workshops – includes discussion about what components of participants Personal Brand tie in with the business brand. Group sessions from one-hour presentations on specific topics up to three-day workshops that cover every facet of power, influence, etiquette, image and style in the corporate environment.

Plus individual Leadership coaching programs to support your key talent to achieve greater professional success.

Consulting – Utilising one-on-one coaching/consulting to work with and advise senior management and key staff about their image in order to address and overcome any specific issues identified that may be sabotaging the business or personal career goals.

Coaching Transition Support. To work with and advise staff on the transition to the new professional image communication.  Providing an ongoing Personal Brand development learning program to help individuals integrate the learning.

Support and learning can be provided by a number of modalities such as e-Learning tutorials, and external or on-site Coaching Programs.

For inquiries about presentation or workshop content or Leadership Team Coaching please contact us to discuss your needs.

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