Ongoing Coaching

Change requires effort, persistence, support, and a vision of the future. You need not work alone when putting your new knowledge into action.

Personal Branding Matters provides ongoing assistance and support for a business makeover, wardrobe transformation and updates, a new hair cut, a cosmetic procedure, a health challenge, practising a new behaviour, changing jobs or professions, positive inner image development, and more. We can provide support and guidance, talk through potential problems and solutions, or give you the gentle push you need to achieve the goal you have in sight. Ideal for: Those who know they need a change but are not confident to do it all in one go, or are too busy to make the appropriate arrangements. We all know that change is far more effective and lasting when you have a friend in your corner. Whether it’s a referral to a service, expert advice or some moral support, we will be there when you need help. Are you ready to make your life easier by learning the rules and guidelines to manage and maintain your professional image?

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