Personal Career Development

business team standingExplore and Develop Your Authentic Personal Style

Do you…

  • Feel that your visual image is holding you back professionally or having an impact on your self-confidence?
  • Need a boost in personal power and influence to help you climb the corporate ladder?
  • Want to refresh and update your image, style and wardrobe after a change in lifestyle, profession or weight?
  • Dread clothes shopping because you can never seem to find colours and styles that look good on you?
  • Have plenty of clothes in your wardrobe but can’t find anything to wear?
  • Change outfits 10 times when dressing for an important event and end up feeling frustrated, exhausted and thinking “there has to be a better way?”
  • Know you are a smart, talented and valuable professional but can’t get others to see that or give you the respect you deserve?
  • Need to present well for a job interview, important presentation or meetings?

Personal Career Development Coaching

We can teach you skills and guidelines to solve all these problems and many others like them. Once learned, this new knowledge will enable you to make the right choices easily, and to consistently and effectively present your personal visual style.

We will work with you to create the image you desire for success. In sessions delivered at your own pace, you will learn how to be in control of the messages you deliver — visual, verbal and non-verbal. This is an investment in yourself, providing new knowledge that will transform your professional and personal success for the rest of your life.

Your personalised program begins with an assessment and needs analysis to identify where you are at and what needs work. We may then cover topics such as:

  • Colour psychology and analysis
  • Wardrobe audit, strategies and needs assessment
  • Grooming analysis and advice
  • Business protocol and etiquette
  • Personal branding
  • Communications skills – for meetings, interviews and networking
  • Job search strategies and resources – including Resumes
  • Online and social media reputation management
  • Getting organised — Environment & tools management

How to get started ?

We offers several professional packages that cover a range of these topics and will give you skills and knowledge on which to base your new or refreshed image. You can take as little or as much time as you need, and ongoing coaching is also available.

Past clients have said:

“I enjoyed the friendly style and professional manner. Nicola is genuinely interested in your life.”
R.T. – Naval officer and sportsperson

“It has been an awakening. Acting on the advice given, I have received positive results.”
F.M. – Job seeker, administrative specialist

We will assist you to create:

  • An instinctively positive first impression among prospects, customers, clients or employers – a strong impact in those first five seconds goes a long way in opening the doors to success.
  • Enhanced personal power and ability to influence – an essential element for achievement in the business world.
  • Increased self confidence – an asset in retaining and winning business or going for job interviews or promotions.
  • Improved decision making – guidelines, rules and tools that will end confusion on how you should look and present.
  • A better connection between the body (exterior) and the mind (interior) – enables integration of professional vision and personal values into a confident and consistent whole.

“I’ve had compliments about how much more elegant my work wardrobe is,  It’s been good to have more confidence when I’ve been shopping as well. I had a family wedding to buy an outfit for and it was probably the most straight forward shopping that I have done. Since I had the colours in my head, I refreshed my style knowledge with the book and was able to get in and out of the shops in about an hour without feeling stressed and upset by the experience, which was fantastic.”
Rebecca Jardine, Frankston, Victoria.

Call today to discuss your needs and help transform your life.

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