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A great visual image increases self-esteem and confidence.  When you know you look great you walk, talk and think differently.  Your improved appearance and renewed confidence will result in others seeing you in a positive new light.  A light which will attract new and exciting opportunities and relationships. For those wishing to climb the corporate ladder, an improved visual image will result in others seeing you as more professional, capable and promotable.

This program will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever.  A personalised Online Portfolio costs only A$149.00 (incl GST).   The online program will be updated with fresh images and products for you to access for life! Yes, that’s correct! Once set up, you have access for life!

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It will:

  • Stop you wasting money on clothes you rarely wear
  • Eliminate guesswork when shopping
  • Make shopping quicker and less stressful
  • Make your daily visit to your wardrobe one filled with inspiration instead of frustration
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Have others noticing the positive change in your appearance

It is:

  • Comprehensive: with over 500 illustrations and 34 categories that cover every item you place on your body from underwear to coats, swimwear to evening attire, business wear to weekend casual, eyewear to hairstyles, shoes to headwear.
  • Accurate: Researched constantly, your “Portfolio” program combines a figure analysis and a style selector to ensure you get the most accurate information possible.
  • Up-to-date: Re-assessed and re-illustrated regularly to ensure it is in line with today’s current looks.
  • Unique: No other image program comes close to this one.
  • Easy to Use and Understand: No difficult concepts or terminology.
  • Personalised: Made just for you. Everything about you is taken into consideration from your height, age, weight, problem area, vertical body type, horizontal body type, scale, face shape, shoulders, neck length and more. All the information is then combined to give you a clear picture of your needs. Recommendations are colour coded for easy identification.
  • Complemented: with optional additional e-books on “Line and Design” and “Shopping Know-how”, “Wardrobe Organisation”, “Accessorising”, “Professional Polish” and more.
  • Saves you Time, Money and Stress!   Who doesn’t want that?


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