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 Enhance your business’s image and your personal brand power


Do you:

  • Want your new business to have everything about its visual image right from day one?
  • Have an existing business that needs a complete visual makeover?
  • Want to ensure that your image and your business’s image are aligned?
  • Need your staff to better represent your business in their visuals and presentation?
  • Need to make powerful first impressions with your clients and prospects?

NB Personal Branding Matters works with small business owners to create or refresh the business and personal brand. This is a powerful program that can cover everything from stationery, signage and office decor through to attracting your target market, staff presentation, communication skills and business brand. The presentation and skills of the business owner are also assessed and enhanced. We aim to align the image of the owner and the business, increase their ability to make a powerful first impression, and to reinforce that with a strong personal brand and better influencing skills. Our Business and Personal Branding Program requires a minimum 10 hours’ commitment; up to 20 hours is recommended, with ongoing coaching for individuals as needed. This program is tailored to each business owner’s needs and sessions are delivered at a pace to suit your personal and business requirements.

Subject areas that can be covered include:

  • Business and personal branding (business identity, professional presence and influence, defining your brand, strategies to enhance personal brand power, business premises and operations, target markets and attracting clients)
  • Colour psychology and analysis
  • Wardrobe audit, strategies and needs assessment
  • Grooming analysis and advice – environmental and personal
  • Business protocol and etiquette
  • Communication skills (verbal, body language, telephone skills)
  • Staff workshops on specific topics (e.g. presenting to clients or prospects)

How to get started: The Business and Personal Branding Program is a powerful, business-building experience. Be prepared for some big changes.

If you wish to take things a little slower, please consider a:

  • Business image audit consultation
  • Individual coaching package (2-6 hours)

What Small Business clients say:

“I am in good hands and can see that it is an investment in my future.” Valerie – Professional speaker and lifestyle coach

“I can now create and buy items to build a personal image strategically.” L.C. – Marketing business in development stage

Are you ready for a powerful, business-building experience? Call today on 1300 139 500.

NEW Workshop for SME’s or those individuals planning a new business…

Is Your Brand Alive?

spying glass


  • Why do small businesses benefit most from driving their brand?
  • How is your logo not the brand?

Time and energy are limited resources in any business. Small business people are acutely aware of this. That’s why every resource needs to work at an optimum level. Your brand is one of the most powerful of these resources. We will show you how your brand can be used to realise a successful business. Come and workshop your brand and gain the skills and knowledge to keep it growing and working hard for your business and your future.

This program can be done one-on-one for an investment of $3300 plus GST and expenses.

Or get a group of at least 6 small business owners together and we’ll run it for you for only $495 per person.

Priceless information, resources and an action plan. An essential investment in your business.

“There is no limit to what a brand can do but only if used properly.”       Richard Branson

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