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The Secret Weapon of Successful Career Transition

When changing jobs or moving in a different career direction or successfully navigating a job redundancy, there is one key element that will have you survive and thrive in the process. It’s called…”Networking!”. Yes, that dreaded word that all introverts and

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Maintaining a strong and stable image in a tough economic climate

More than ever, your customer is going to want to be reassured that you will be there and profitable for the long term. The solution involves intention and perception. If the intention of your business is to help your clients with their challenges, then the perception is one of giving and helping, rather than one of taking. People want to be around others that are successful and confident.

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Confident Conversation Formula

On the 25th December 2011, due to a huge rain and hail storm, our home was flooded throughout. Consequently business activities were reduced to doing the bare minimum to keep things ticking over, and most of my energy was directed

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What is a Career Development Coach?

Career practitioners work in a range of settings including schools, TAFEs, universities, corporate organisations, government agencies and private practice. They provide services that help people manage their careers, make occupational and study decisions, plan career transitions and find career information.

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What is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is your partner for personal and professional success — guiding you to present a uniquely personal and completely professional appearance, improve your business communications, and act appropriately with confidence in any situation. Image Consultants are specialists in visual

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