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The Secret Weapon of Successful Career Transition

When changing jobs or moving in a different career direction or successfully navigating a job redundancy, there is one key element that will have you survive and thrive in the process. It’s called…”Networking!”. Yes, that dreaded word that all introverts and

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Create A Winter Ritual

MAINTENANCE MATTERS: The Winter Solstice At this time of year in the Great Southern Land we are in the depths of winter. The Winter Solstice provides the opportunity to review the past year and plan for the coming year. I

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Winter Update

The change in season is a chance to pause, review and refresh our resources. In Australia, due to the diversity of climate around the country, Winter can mean anything from a complete wardrobe changeover to woollens, heavy coats, scarves and hats down in the southern states, to just bringing out that light wrap for the evening chill up in the tropical north.

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Confident Conversation Formula

On the 25th December 2011, due to a huge rain and hail storm, our home was flooded throughout. Consequently business activities were reduced to doing the bare minimum to keep things ticking over, and most of my energy was directed

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