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Maintaining a strong and stable image in a tough economic climate

More than ever, your customer is going to want to be reassured that you will be there and profitable for the long term. The solution involves intention and perception. If the intention of your business is to help your clients with their challenges, then the perception is one of giving and helping, rather than one of taking. People want to be around others that are successful and confident.

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How to avoid the ‘small’ business image

Article featured in the December 2008 edition of the Australian Business Solutions magazine. Author: Nicola Barnard There are many benefits to being a small business. However, the downside can be the perception that there is less trust, respect and security for the customer.

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Some practical ways for business owners to transform their business image

Article featured in the October 2008 edition of the Australian Business Solutions magazine. Author: Nicola Barnard   Firstly decide, as a business owner, why an image change is needed. Is it because the wrong market is being attracted? Is it because the business focus

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Welcome to Spring in Australia!

Spring is about abundance and creativity. I am dedicating this article to creative thinking. Allow yourself to ask questions and get out of any ruts you may have found yourself in. I love spring – The weather is warmer, the sky brighter,

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Winter Update

The change in season is a chance to pause, review and refresh our resources. In Australia, due to the diversity of climate around the country, Winter can mean anything from a complete wardrobe changeover to woollens, heavy coats, scarves and hats down in the southern states, to just bringing out that light wrap for the evening chill up in the tropical north.

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